We live in the era of the "selfie" (a new term documented since 2002, originally Australian English), a self-portrait taken with a smartphone or a hand-held digital camera and uploaded on the website of a social network. A fashion that no one can resist, not even great leaders as Obama or Pope Francis.



The artist grew up afflicted by extreme hallucinations and anxiety, and turned to art to relieve the incessant suffering. A selfie is supposed to be a fun and playful image with a one-of-a-kind message. Your selfie should never make it look like you’re trying too hard. The picture should appear casual and impromptu in order for it to be awesome.

Selfie modern art

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Museum Selfie, Sketch and Reflection Journal for Artists: Funny Michelangelo of Michelangelo's David taking a museum selfie with a modern art painting. handmade oil painting on canvas modern Best Art Figure Painting oil painting Selfie Cult ❤️️ #gynningart #carolinagynning #gynning #carolina #art  2021-feb-09 - Canadian Art Daily posted on Instagram: “🖼️ Thomas Sinclair. "Selfie". 2018.

The Modern Art Notes Podcast is a weekly, hour-long interview program featuring artists, historians, authors, curators and conservators. Pulitzer 

Välkommen till Sefina Nordens största pantbank. ”Jeff Bezos Is the Richest Man in Modern History–Here's How He Spends on 2011/08/who-stole-themona-lisa-the-world-s-most-famous-art-heist-100-years-on.html. Lee, Bruce Y. ”What Is 'Selfitis' and When Does Taking Selfies Become a  Swedish & international contemporary artists.

Selfie modern art


2015-03-30 · Jurassic art … Pere Borrell Del Caso’s famous trompe l’oeil painting prehistorically updated at Art in Island. Surely the bizarre selfie museum in Manila is a warning to museums, such as New BBC Culture - As a new book is released exploring the modern, smartphone-facilitated phenomenon of 'sending nudes', Holly Williams reflects on the lineage of naked self-representation it continues. "Love, lust, pleasure, desire, beauty, anatomical study, self-expression, egotism… The impulses behind sending nudes … 2015-01-21 · The selfie seems to be our modern equivalent of how the Tudors used portraits and the way that we use them to show of a certain image of ourselves. From an article I read on self portraits and selfies, one person stated how they use it as a way of making them feel good about themselves from a positive comment or like. 2013-10-19 · I do believe selfie’s are a form of art.

And of course that is art." The art of self-expression, and more specifically self-portraiture – the godfather of the selfie – goes back centuries. Since the earliest times, we as humans have loved to let people know what we looked like through art.
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And that choreographed dance is itself an art form.
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2017-01-18 · Taking a selfie is its own form of art, and the creature kingdom has gotten into the fun. These animal selfies will make you want to up your game.

Learn more about selfies and why people take them.