New 75 cu ft steel acetylene cylinder with a new CGA510 valve installed and cap to keep your valve safe. Thick-walled, top-quality steel construction. These acetylene cylinders are completely asbestos-free and filled with a high-quality glass fiber reinforced calcium silicate porous mass that is chemically stable and acetone-retentive.


hydrogen require brass fittings. The Compressed connection fittings that are designated by a CGA number. Acetylene, allene, butadiene, butane, butenes,.

$12.99. $12. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 31. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. CGA Number Designation: LP Gas Tank: 510: Acetylene Gas Cylinder (Internal threads) - Large industrial from 60-400 cubic feet: 510: Acetylene Gas Cylinder - Large industrial from 60-400 cubic feet: 300: Acetylene “B” Gas Cylinder - 40 cubic feet: 520: Acetylene “MC” Gas Cylinder - 10 cubic feet: 200: Oxygen Gas Cylinder – All sizes: 540 Acetylene and Propane CGA Fittings: CGA 300.

Acetylene cga fittings

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PURE GASES CGA NUMBER. Acetylene (except small cylinders) 510. Air (medical grade) 346. Air (non-medical grade) 590. Argon 580.

B Tank to Regulator CGA 520 to CGA 510 Forney 87805 Acetylene Regulator Series 41 Manifold with 2-1/2 Gauge 60 Plus II Ball Valve Fittings for R-410A 

Acetylene and fuel-gas fittings have left hand threads to prevent them from being accidentally connected to oxygen fittings. UN-2 Acetylene cylinders shall not be fitted with fusible plugs.".

Acetylene cga fittings

CONNECTION USE / DESCRIPTION CGA 020 Oxygen (A Fitting)Standard Acetylene, Allene, Bromotrifluoroethylene, 1,3-Butadiene, Butane, 1-Butene, 

Air (non-medical grade) 590. Argon 580. Carbon dioxide (fitting requires flat washer) 320. Helium 580. Hydrogen 350.

The Heating Tip Tube Model 2393 Compatible with Harris 60° Angle, Threads: 1/2"-25 (M). Heating Tip Tube Model 2393  Cylinder connections also in accordance with other norms such as AFNOR, 477- 3 19037002002 DIN 477- 12 19037002003 CGA 300 19037002004 AFNOR is a 5-yearly obligatory testing for acetylene high pressure hoses in accordance  CGA-520 "B" tank acetylen till regulatorservice:CGA-510 POL acetylen Material: Mässing Wt. : 0,44 lb "B" cylinder to the common regulator fitting. Läs mer. CGA Uppfyllda specifikationer : CGA 6 421TC-4, Tough Cover, -4, 6, 1/4inch, 6.4mm, 13.4mm, Parkrimp Fitting 48- Siameez Grade R Twin Line Welding Hose is designed for transfer of acetylene fuel gas and oxygen in applications to 200  This Gas Hose Is perfect For Fitting Mig And Tig Welding AD. −57 %. Pris 20 US$. CO2 Cylinder Argon Nitrogen Regulator Converts Adaptor Metal For CGA-320 To CGA-580 Gas Welding Pressure Regulator Propane Acetylene Gauges.
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Hand cutting torch outfits are built for the toughest jobs.

Outlet fittings are standard B size(9/16" 18 M. LH for acetylene and RH for oxygen) Features& Specs: Heavy duty. High capacity, single stage The Harris Products 300 CGA Inlet Connection, Male Fitting, 15 Max psi, Acetylene Welding Regulator 9/16-18 Thread, Left Hand Rotation can be found within the Welding Regulators category.
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Use these fittings to connect welding hose to pressure regulators and torches. They are also known as CGA (Compressed Gas Association) fittings. Fittings are brass for good corrosion resistance. Fittings with left-hand threads are identified with a notch in the nut. Note: Fittings have a CGA number that corresponds to a specific type of gas.

CGA 540 tank fitting R 20 cu. ft. CGA 540 tank fitting 16 oz. BUTANE 300 ml The Contenti Company, Providence, RI 02903 USA | The Harris Products 300 CGA Inlet Connection, Male Fitting, 15 Max psi, Acetylene Welding Regulator 9/16-18 Thread, Left Hand Rotation can be found within the Welding Regulators category. Acetylene Brass B-Fitting Kit (0386-0835) at Ferguson. Nobody expects more from us than we do.