We represent KTH in the financiers' various networks and reference groups. We provide support for competitive research applications We have expertise that is crucial for successful research applications and support for how researchers can address relevant issues such as ethics, gender issues, global sustainability goals, impact, data management plans, open data, IP / IP rights, project management, etc.


The Centre for Autonomous Systems (CAS) was a research centre at KTH Royal Institute Jan.2021: Software developer for the Ethical Hacking course at KTH: 

At KTH, thesis defences and licentiate seminars may take place during the periods 7 January - 15 June and 15 August - 20 December. SH3000 - Width and Ethics in Physics Scientific and research ethics exist to safeguard human rights, ensure that we treat animals respectfully and humanely, and protect the natural environment. The specific details may vary widely depending on the type of research you’re conducting, but there are clear themes running through all research and reporting ethical requirements: 2021-02-28 · research ethics The application of moral rules and professional codes of conduct to the collection, analysis, reporting, and publication of information about research subjects, in particular active acceptance of subjects' right to privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has grown to become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, as well as a key centre of intellectual talent and innovation. We are Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution and home to students, researchers and faculty from around the world. CASTOR Software Research Centre CASTOR as a Mentor Organization for the Upcoming Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. KTH Intranet in English; Hem. Din anställning.

Research ethics kth

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Skip to main content. Photonics. Student; Alumni; Staff; KTH på svenska Research Ethics, 2ECTS . Methodology of Science and Technology, 4 ECTS.

Reflection on methods and ethics in Arctic interdisciplinary research Jean-Sébastien Boutet What does it mean to conduct ethical research with/in communities? Who are the communities we work and research with? What methodological tools and insights are needed in order to address such questions? A small group of PhD students, including the REXSAC doctoral students, along …

In short, this means that if there are no specific reasons for secrecy, research data should be made publicly available. Fredrik Karlsson is an ethics expert, and he works at Research Support Office (RSO).

Research ethics kth

Herwig Schopper postdoc hos Lise Meitner 1950-51. Efter doktorsexamen i Hamburg kom Schopper som stipendiat till KTH och Lise Meitner 1950. Schopper blev efter en tid som chef för DESY-laboratoriet i Hamburg generaldirektör för CERN 1981-89, en period då bl.a. Carlo Rubbia och Simon van der Meer fick Nobelpriset 1984 för upptäckten av de tunga bosonerna W och Z. Han var initiativtagare

Our research focuses on water- and lead-cooled reactors with conventional and advanced fuels.

A Data Management Plan (DMP) describes how data will be managed during a research project and afterwards, e.g. if it will be stored for future research projects and how the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) principles will be implemented. Find more information about FAIR data and Open Access provided in the KTH Library pages. As such, all research involving human beings should be reviewed by an ethics committee to ensure that the appropriate ethical standards are being upheld.
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Visual replenishment methods in the manufacturing industry and suggestion for a decision tool.

Laboratory Medicine Our research is of immediate significance to human health and we contribute the skills needed for training of future healthcare personnel. Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics Focus on research, development and education in medical education, ethics, informatics, medical management, statistics and prevention. Herwig Schopper postdoc hos Lise Meitner 1950-51.
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Totalt finns 50 plats på kursen. Sista anmälningsdag är 23 februari. Här går det att läsa mer om kursen: kth.se/nse/ethical 

Contact KTH; Work at KTH; KTH on Facebook; KTH on YouTube; Contact web site administrators Skip to main content. Energy Technology. Energiteknik på svenska Honesty in developing, implementing and scrutinising research, and in reporting and informing others about research in an open, fair, complete and objective way. Respect for colleagues, research participants, society, ecosystems, cultural heritage and the environment.